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Defensive Tactics - Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards

Training method, Course Duration, Dates, Place, Price:

Training method: Pre-course online training and 4 days practical course.
Duration: 4 days;
Dates: 21-24 of May 2018 and 26-29 of Nov 2018;
Place: Elektrenai, Lithuania;
Price: 850 euro (all inclusive except flights to (from) Lithuania).
Documents required: CV, Copy of Driving license, Proof of address, CRB (criminal record
check maybe required).

The course has been developed in order to:
1. Equip CPOs with the necessary knowledge of Laws and Regulations -Reasonable/Deadly Force and rules of Engagement.
2. Ensure that CPOs have the adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes to use weapons in safe manner in crowd (to be able to avoid provocations, switch between guns, switch between Armed Close Quarter Combat and Empty Hands Combat).
3. Build up CPOs skills necessary to work( with weapons) together with the Team (in crowd, small premises, open space).

Learning Outcomes

CPO will:
1. understand Laws and Regulations - Reasonable/Deadly Force and rules of Engagement.
2. learn how to use guns (Pistol and Rifle) in safe manner in crowd, small premises, open space;
3. demonstrate Personal attitudes, skills and knowledge related to using of guns;
4. apply knowledge about Biomechanics of Human Body, Psychical Reactions andTiming
5. improve his levels of coordination;
6. be able to avoid provocations in crowd;
7. learn how to switch between guns (double guns);
8. learn how to switch between Armed Close Quarter Combat and Empty Hands Combat;
9. be able to work (with weapons) together with the Team.

Training Plan

MODULE 1: Theory, Principles, Safety
Principles of Preparation of Drills, Weapon Familiarization/Safety/Dry drills/CQC-CQB link, Standard Safety Procedures, Reasonable Force, Deadly Force, Rules of Engagement.

MODULE 2: Tactical Pistol
Precision Drills (static, dynamic), Crowd Simulation, Multiple Targets, Stoppages/ change of magazine, BG+VIP drills, CP Team Anti Ambush drills, Teamwork Drills, V-Counter attack, Peeling drills, Line+ back to formation drills.

MODULE 3: Tactical Rifle
Precision Drills (static, dynamic), Crowd Simulation, Multiple Targets, Stoppages/ change of magazine, BG+VIP drills, CP Team Anti Ambush drills, Teamwork Drills, V-Counter attack, Peeling drills, Line+ back to formation drills.

MODULE 4: Double Guns
Stoppages - change of guns, Line + back to formation.

MODULE 5: Anti-Ambush Drills
Embus / Debus, Exchange of cars, Retreat on foot.


1.Pre-course learning: Online module of Course with Theory Assessment;
2.Practical drills with Portfolio of Achievements;
3.Internally set Theory Assessment;

PRINCIPLES of TRAINING of Tactical Firearms for Bodyguard
Survival Mindset achieved through Practical Exercise

With decades of various Combat training with Private Armed Security, Police and Army SF we came to conclusions :

Most of Tactical Firearms courses (programs) are typical Basic Army Shooting courses with some funny stuff from Sport Practical Shooting drills and fancy show of various combat uniforms and gear.

Most of Tactical Firearms courses (programs) are built for big Teams with proper Logistic and Power Support.

Our program is Designed for Small Bodyguard (CPO) Groups (1-5 operatives) operating in Hostile Environment without any logistic and Power Support.

Our concept - Task Orientated Adaptation and Improvisation to Perform Effectively and Safely through a Real Fire-Fight.

PRINCIPLES of TRAINING - with focus on:

1. 360 degree workout in Crowd;

2.Prevention of Provocations;

3.CQB/CQC link (switching between Armed Combat and Empty Hands Combat);

4. Making right decisions: Sorting problems out instead of making troubles;

5. MUST be an optimal ratio between Reality Training and Safety;

6. Survival Mindset achieved through Practical Exercises (not just theory);

7. How to Perform Effectively and Safely through a Real Fire-Fight;

8. Achieve Combat Mindset and Train to Respond to Real Threat;

9. Rules of Engagement - Level of force is determined by the assailant!

CONCEPT of Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards

1. Difference between the Tactics of Getting in Different Shooting Positions in Hostile Environment and Shooting Tactics (Principles of Shooting).

2. VITAL: Importance of switching between Close Quarter Empty Hand Combat (CQC) and Armed Close Quarter Combat (CQB);

3. Importance of : Stress Management and Making Right Decisions, Avoiding Unnecessary Casualties;

4. Coordination of Teamwork (Teamwork and Communication) and 360 degree workout in Crowd;

5. Crowd Control: Conflict Management, Blending with Crowd, Prevention of Provocations;

Documents required for this course:

1. CV;

2. Proof of Address;

3. Copy of Driving License;

4. CRB.

Why to Train with us? (Why we created our courses):

We took part in various courses. In some of them-we found how to do things right,in some-what not to do. But that didn't meet our expectations HOW TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND DO IT RIGHT. So we created our courses. Courses for us.

What is the difference between courses of our company and other training companies?

You Fight like you Train. We Train to Adapt to Uncertainties and Improvise to be able to Execute Tasks and Survive.

Expected Situation Determines Preparation.

Our Vision:

Be Clear and Do it Simple.

Our goal is not to criticize others but to find and share good practices (experience, skills and knowledge) and eliminate mistakes (and various nonsense) to improve chances to Survive in Real Combat (both Empty Hands and Armed).

Course is very intensive:

1. We built this course for us. Instructors also participate in course( but with additional instructors tasks and assessments). Basic course for students is also a refreshment course for instructors.
2. Every course is unique- we adjust course programs to experience of our students and push them to their new maximum every day;
3. Final daily Result are Team related - we count result by achievement of the weakest member of The Team!

So if you are more experienced and finished your task quicker - help to others.

If you are less experienced and have difficulties to reach goals- use more efforts that to avoid being the weakest link.

Despite that- Goals are maximum for everyone from beginning of course.

You have to read theory before course! (that's why you are connected to internal web project manager of CP course Basecamp- with manuals and other useful info). You have to do preparations to every task forehead - as it always happens in real life!


All sleep, eat, train and have rest together(as it always happens in real life!):

from 2 lads in 1 room with comfort; to - all are sleeping in sleeping bags ( instructors too) in any premises.

Meals(as it always happens in real life!):
from standard 2 meals per day in Restaurant ( Cafe)
to anyway it goes (different training places (open-close shooting ranges) and environment (weather conditions) , uncertain timings).You have to organize meals for yourself and your Team. If you wont do it properly you will be Hungry.

No Fancy Uniforms!

all training and drills goes with uniform adequate to drill specific or ( in most of cases) casual clothing.
No problem to dress up by any Dress Code if you know how to Cover Sector and Feel Comfortable in Crowd. Fancy Uniform wont sort it out!

No Fancy Cars!

If you don't know how to drive properly Fancy Cars wont fix it!

If don't understand the small details of embus/debus (how and when to open (close) doors, timings, sectors) and if you don't drive properly with Team (specifics of driving of different cars in Convoy) - you are only group of people with cool cars! As it often happens in real life!


Your Instructor

Arturas Pranckevicius
Arturas Pranckevicius

Instructor: Arturas Pranckevicius

  • More than 25 years experience in Complex Security Operations, Management and Security Training.
  • More than 25 years experience in Coaching of Combat Sports.
  • More than 30 years experience in Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Author of Training Methods and Programs, Head Instructor of Close Protection, Tactical Firearms and Empty Hands Combat for Bodyguards at Pro1Security Services and Training Ltd.
  • Approved Instructor of UK SIA level 3 Close Protection Courses,(Awarding Body Highfield Qualifications);
  • Master of International level of Russian Combat Sambo.
  • World Combat Sambo Silver medalist (100kg), 2007.
  • European Combat Sambo Silver medalist (100kg), 2007.
  • Founder and Head Coach of Sambo Academy Ireland.

✅ Instruktorius: Artūras Pranckevičius

  • Daugiau nei 25 metai patirties Kompleksinės Apsaugos Operacijose, Apsaugos Vadyboje ir Valdyme, Apsaugos Programų rengime ir treniravime.
  • Daugiau nei 25 metai Kovinių Disciplinų Treniravimo patirties/
  • Daugiau nei 30 metų patirties Kovos Menuose.

  • Asmens Apsaugos Programų bei Asmens Apsaugos Specialistų rengimo instruktorius ( asmens apsaugos kursai, taktinio šaudymo bei artimos kovos kursai asmens apsaugos darbuotojams) Tarptautinėje kompanijoje Pro1Security Services and Training Ltd.
  • Tarptautinės klasės sporto meistras ( Kovinis Sambo).
  • Pasaulio Kovinio Sambo Vice čempionas (100kg), 2007.
  • Europos Kovinio Sambo Vice čempionas (100kg), 2007.
  • Airijos Sambo Akademijos įkūrėjas ir treneris.

Инструктор: Артурас Пранцкевичюс

  • Автор Методик и Тренировочных Программ, Главный Интруктор по подготовке Телохранителей по личьной охране, тактической стрельбе и ближнему бою в международной компании Pro1Security Services and Training Ltd.
  • Мастер спорта междугародного класса по Боевому Самбо;
  • Серебренный призёр Мира по Боевому Самбо (100кг), 2007.
  • Серебренный призёр Европы по Боевому Самбо (100кг), 2007.
  • Основатель и тренер Ирландской Академии Самбо.

Course Curriculum

  Enrolling to course starts on 1 of March of 2018. This section is about Intro about principles of course. routines, safety rules, preparation to practical tasks and assessments.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 6: Double Guns DRILLS (dry +live fire)- (Combination of drills of 4-5)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 7: Anti Ambush-Cars (dry + live fire)
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

If you wont invest in to your ability to defense yourself you will be trophy of your assailant.

Life is a Battle and we all are Warriors.

The Winner is achieving a Victory.

The Invincible Survives.

To Win - You must Defeat Someone.

To Survive - not allow to Defeat Yourself.

I wish all of you to became Invincible!

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