7.0. Intro: Principles - How to Survive

Defense against opponent with knife

It is the same, like to fight opponent with cobra in his hands.

Lets do a mini survey:

  • What would you do in that situation?
  1. Run away?
  2. Run away + throw everything you can find around you on this man and his cobra?
  3. Get baseball beat (or any kind of tool) and beat sh..t off them?
  4. Work with someone like Team and do 1-3 (check above)?
  5. Or you would like to fight him empty handed?
  6. Or watch him killing other people? (like in London, where one of these scums were knifing girl (20-30 times?) and no one even tried to knocked him down with 1-4(check) above. Maybe next time your mum, wife, girlfriend or daughter will be violently attacked the same way?

If your answers 1-4 :

BRAVO! You have chance to survive.

To get even more chances to survive - you need practical drills.

If your answer 5:

  1. This is a Last Resort, if there are no other option. And you have to be ready to DIE and get this man with his cobra in hell together with you. ARE YOU READY TO DIE?.............OR DO YOU HAVE SKILLS TO GET HIM TO HELL TOGETHER WITH YOU?.....
  2. All Professionals uses points 1-4, despite their skills to disarm opponent empty handed. THIS IS LAST RESORT. And you have to Plan event like Combat Operation - IN ADVANCE.

If your answer 6:

Bravo! You will be next target.