About Course Structure and Principles of Training

  1. Move through course, try to understand idea and principles.
  2. Write feedback and ask for update.
  3. I will explain (with video) and update the part which is not clear.
  4. And we will add updates one by one.
  5. And we will build course that suit your needs and expectations.

Why we started set of Professional Courses for Members of Public

Having in mind all Terror Acts all over Europe 2014-2017

(https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/Qnf3Hpn5nLvWBi44NKvs61Ec )

becomes clear, that expectations to live in peaceful society are gone.

None of Governments can't sort it out. And ordinary people have no idea that they are left alone. To die.

So we decided to change that and to equip people with urban survival knowledge and skills.

Through our Blended courses: mix of Online Learning and Practical Drills.

Free Curses are for everyone!

  • They are simple and clear.
  • And with strategical approach to situation.
  • Nobody needs any special skills to pass this course (though these are always an advantage) except a common sense and self-discipline.

Advanced courses
  • are for professionals and members of public with adequate fitness requirements and
  • package of documents to prove having no criminal and terrorism related connections..

Mini, Basic and Intermediate courses of all modules are in a row and waiting their turn.

We offer a lot of discounts for students as well as instructors

This our input to make the world a Safer Place.

Best Regards to all of you

Be Safe!


Head Instructor

How we run our course: Strategy and Training Principles

Strategical Approach:

  • how to sort the situation out with resources you have;
  • how to build up reserves of self-discipline and self-motivation to start Practical Drills of Defensive Tactics.

Practical Approach:

  • Straight Forward - Result Orientated;
  • Survive any way it goes: Task Related Adaptation and Improvisation.

course planning Model-2017.pdf