Safety Rules and Procedures

How to manage drills properly: 1st and 2nd numbers

  • 1st number is the guy, who executing the main task.
  • 2nd number is the guy, who is helping the 1st number to build up muscle memory.
  • Do only task you were told to do.

biomechanics 01

biomechanics 2

2.2 Listen Instructor's Commands

  • Do only drill you were told to do.
  • And exactly how you were told.
  • Don't create Ninja scenarios.

2.3 STOP Means Stop! Don't move after command Stop!

2.4 Don't Injure yourself- Personal Safety

  • We train students to Survive. Not to break themselves down.
  • Don't be stupid hero in training - you won't surprise us.
  • We have seen enough injuries during a few decades of training.
  • Watch after yourself.

2.5 Don't Injure other's - Safety of others

  • And watch after your training partner.
  • Nobody wants to get injured.

2.1 Safe Falling Down

videos 1: safe falling down - instructor's drills

videos 2: