The article is written in the way of dialogue between Sofa Warrior and Master.

..Ignoring evil is evil too...
It is time to declare a war on Sofa warriors - on guys, who give advice about Self-Defense and Stress Psychology when all their experience is only laying on a sofa (that is why I named them Sofa warriors).

original article of Sofa warrior is in Russian language :

I must apologize for all of you in the name of all Real Warriors that we didn't do it a long time ago.

We were busy working hard shedding sweat and blood (ours' and others').

We didn't take that sh..t seriously but we were wrong -evil must be stopped at the beginning and ignoring evil is evil too...

Sofa warriors - it's an official declaration of war on you.

Sofa warrior:
  • ... You can defeat anyone in a fight but also get badly injured or even become disabled...
  • There are differences between Practical Combat (Survival) and Sport Combat (
  • You have to SURVIVE on the streets, not to win.
  • Every second you won trying is in your favour and Increases your Chances to Survive
  • You must Win in Combat Sports competitions. To do that - you have to train hard, not to sit on sofa and comment fights of others (and feel expert of fights without having Direct Experience of managing these situations)

Sofa warrior:
  • How to defend yourself in a Street Fight? Think before you fight... Think about the value of your life before a fight...
  • This time Sofa warrior is absolutely right - think before sh..t happens.
  • A long long time before...
  • Evaluate the situation and get ready: do some drills, suffer some pain in training and you will get some ideas what to expect.
  • When your mind will be cleared enough you will get first correct impressions on what is waiting for you.
  • So get your buts off the sofa and do some homework.
  • and remember - it's too late to think about the value of your life before the fight.
  • You are already dead if you didn't do any preparation to save it.

Sofa warrior:
  • ..if someone wants to rob you - better give him anything he wants - it's better than to end up in a wheelchair...
  • the beginning, he will rob you.
  • After that - he will beat you up.
  • And after that - he will put you in the same wheelchair you are afraid of.
  • You have no idea who you can meet on your way...
  • From very beginning get ready to fight for yourself and not to give anything to anyone - DETERMINATION AND READINESS TO FIGHT IS A KEY TO SURVIVAL.
  • But it won't be enough ONLY TO BE READY.
  • Your body is a fighting tool and it HAS TO BE READY for the fight too.
  • Any fight - is a matter of Skills.
  • That is why professionals are working hard to get their Fighting Skills up to the next level.
  • GET OFF SOFA - take examples from professionals and start to do something...

    • None of us is born to be Prey for Predators.
    • We are all born Free.
    • Deep inside our souls, we all are Real Warriors.
    • So let's be Free to make right decisions and be worth of Freedom.
    • Get ready to fight for yourself, for your family and your values...

Sofa warrior:

...look carefully at your opponent...

  • First of all: As soon as you start to look carefully at your opponent, a fight will start straight away...
  • Secondary: On the street, you have to be ready to fight minimum 2 opponents. Every time you concentrate too much on one of the opponents you will be attacked by the second one.

..a little bit of Psychology (principles of managing crowds):

  • By doing researches on ants and bees scientists found that to redirect a crowd you need to redirect 5-10% of that crowd.
  • Intelligence services use that for crowd management - they divide area into sectors and put their own guys in every sector.

  • Those, who organize riots, do the same.

  • So, if you have 10 opponents, you have to be able to destroy 1-2 of them.
  • It is possible.
  • I train to be ready to destroy all of them and dance on heir corps after that.
  • That is why 90% of situations I won without a fight - DETERMINATION AND READINESS TO FIGHT IS A KEY TO SURVIVAL.

  • They are looking for an easy target, not for a sparring partner.

  • Other of my 10% situations proved the truth of scientific researches.

  • I understood, what does it mean to be a Real Fighting tool and how scary can be consequences of knowing how to do Things and do them the way it has to be done.

  • So I have to rethink and change my methods of training to avoid 90% of situations from that other of my 10% and I became a NEGOTIATOR (like we name it in our network - Negotiator on Background of Power).

Sofa warrior:

  • ... If he is getting ready to fight you - he will move his hands towards you...
  • ... If one of his hands is in the pocket or behind his back - he probably has some sort of weapon on him...
  • Do the analysis and so on...

In order to do Analysis on Stress Environment, you have to be Tough Mentally and Physically.


  • if you avoided a fight with few opponents - you Won.
  • You are not a Prey and Easy Target.
  • Congratulations!

..a little bit of Psychology (Alpha and Beta State of Brain):
  • Alpha (the Main Fighting Mode, Altered State of Mind - operates on a level of images, quick reaction to Sum of Stimulus - the highest levels of subconsciousness).
  • Beta- Ego, Analytical Thinking, Feeling Pain- in Beta level brain recognizes around 4 objects (1-2 objects in Stress Environment, Yes/No algorithm and after jams on himself (freezing or panicking)

  • An opponent will try to redirect your thoughts on you (to block you in Beta level, "anchor" you, put you on a level of hesitation) and after that, he will do with you anything he wants...

  • And when you get back to normal - you won't believe that this sh..t happened to you...

  • And only then you will remember all fancy Ninja Combinations which Sofa warrior wrote in his Magic Articles...
  • ... But Only After That...

Sofa warrior:
  • ..try to avoid the fight...
  • you can only avoid a fight when you are Able To Fight Back and your opponent understands that you are not a Prey and an Easy Target...
  • Get yourself Ready To Be a Hard Target.

Sofa warrior:
  • ..and the best solution - to run away...
  • .. in order to run away you have to Train Too...

Sofa warrior:
... and after you have to run away quickly...

  • ... in order to run away quickly, you have to Train Harder than just for Running Away :) :)

Sofa warrior:
  • ..if all routes to retreat are blocked, you have to redirect the attention of your opponent with a few clever tricks...
  • Very clever! I have to try it too. It's always good to be introduced to something new... Like LENIN (Grand Master of Soviet Union) once said: learn, learn and learn more...
  • if you are not ready for stressful situations - you will freeze or start to panic. You will never ever create any clever tricks...

  • You will even forget all words and how to breath. In order to get into Combat Mode, you need some set of action models and the minimum level of Fitness and Specialized Training (one punch and one takedown) .

Sofa warrior:
  • .. or execute a misleading punch...
If you can't do a Real Punch you have no chance to do a Misleading One.
  • A Misleading Punch is a Real Punch not executed till the end with a goal to mislead an opponent.
  • ..a little bit of Psychology: if your opponent believes into Misleading Punch his reaction to Real Punch is 6 times slower.

Sofa warrior: (Master's Note: Translation is by meaning, original article much worse)
How to defend yourself

.. Fight is about to happen and there is no chance to avoid it?...Your opponent is ready to attack you?...Don't expect hold out straight punch...Defend your body and avoid punches... Take stance like a boxer in a ring: save your face and ribs from punches. Keep your stance wide-it will reduce chances of being taken down. Don't close your eyes during the fight. The closed eyes -that is guaranteed loss for you.You not even notice from where comes knockout punch.Defend your body. You are not a Rocky Balboa and this is not a fight in the ring.This is a battle with no limits...

  • My jaw just dropped down by reading this.
  • I had to read that a few more times.
  • I couldn't get it, have no idea what master of sofa and pen wanted to say.
  • Much easier just to write down how to make preparation for defense:

  • Standard Fitness Preparation (push-ups, pull-ups, squats (jumps), push-ups on bars + jogging (for some - to run away from your opponent, for some - to get close);
  • Punch (preparation of non-ballistic punch, understand distance and timing (when and what to do).
  • One Takedown ( when opponent grabs you, step back and pull him down. His reaction in that case - stand up and to step backward ( this principle has name SPRING). Put you leg behind his leg and push him down - and he will be on the ground).

Sofa warrior:
  • ..fight the way you know it...
  • You can fight the only the way - the way you know it. ..
  • And what if you don't know how?

And don't forget :
    • None of us is born to be Prey for Predators.
    • We are all born Free.
    • Deep inside our souls, we all are Real Warriors.
    • So let's be Free to make right decisions and be worth of Freedom.
    • Get ready to fight for yourself, for your family and your values...

I wish all of you interesting and useful training.